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Who's who in the Life members' sector council


Name: John Killeen

Role: LMSC chair

NAHT: Yorkshire Region Executive Member

NAHT: East Riding Branch Secretary

M: 07753717611

E: john.killeen@nahtofficials.org.uk

NAHT History:



2006 – Present Day

East Riding Branch Secretary

2004 to date

Yorkshire Region Executive Member

2006 - 2014

NAHT National Council/National Executive Committee Member – District 10


2009 – 2014

 Professional Services Committee Chair

 Regional Secretaries Committee Chair


2015 to date

National Life Members Committee.

 Vice -Chair from June 2016


Last Employment Role

1990 - 2015

Headteacher – South Cave Primary School, East Riding of Yorkshire

August 2015

1/9/14 – Present Day

Early Retirement from headship.

Coach for Mentor UK on the Good Behaviour Game working in schools in Barnsley and Bradford.


Personal statement

Ever since I was appointed to my first headship in 1987 I have been an active member of the NAHT, initially with various roles on the East Riding of Yorkshire Branch; with a real desire to work closely with colleagues and develop my leadership capacity. My role as Branch Secretary has enabled me to work on behalf of members with the L.A., County Councillors and Governing Bodies. It enabled me to see the vital role that our organisation has provided for all its members. It was a real honour and a privilege to be elected on to the National Executive in 2006 and see at first hand another dimension of the work that elected members and officers continuously provide, in challenging times for our schools and their leadership.

During my time on the Yorkshire Region, I have seen the ever-increasing role played by Life Members in ensuring that our organisation continues to thrive and provide a vital support network for our members. So much so that I truly believe that the NAHT would be in serious difficulty without the commitment of large numbers of our Life Members, who hold key positions in branches and regions. It is getting harder for branches and regions to elect serving school leaders to positions on their local committees. Ideally, we would like the role of Life Members to be more of a supporting capacity in branches, but fully realise the pressures that members in schools are under.

When the opportunity arose to stand for a position on the National Life Members Committee, I thought hard before putting myself forward. But I realise that Life Members will increasingly play a key role in the future of this association and they deserve to be supported by an active, professional and dynamic committee. I believe my time on National Executive has provided me with the knowledge of our organisation, which will help to put in place the structures and support that active Life Members need.

I am also aware that for other Life Members retirement is about getting away from the job and its stresses. However, I want to see that the NAHT delivers an excellence service for all and not just a legal safety net! Life Members who pay an annual subscription should see genuine benefits for this payment from a range of affinity partners; who will provide better value and opportunities than we might get by just trawling the internet.

I look forward over the next three years to work hard for the benefit of the many thousands of Life Members who have given and continue to give so much to this association.


Name: Nigel Paton

Role: LMSC vice chair

E: nigel.paton@nahtofficials.org.uk

NAHT History:

1985-1990    Kingston on Thames Branch Executive Committee
1987-1988    Kingston on Thames Branch President
1988-1990    Kingston on Thames Branch Treasurer
1986-1989    National Deputy Heads Committee
1990-2005    Fareham & Gosport Branch Executive/Branch Secretary
1992-93/ 1997-98    Fareham & Gosport Branch President
1990-2005    South Central Executive Committee / Membership Secretary
2005-2019    Poole Branch Executive Committee
2005-2010    Poole Branch Secretary
2006-07/ 2010-11    Poole Branch President
2010-2019    Poole Branch Treasurer
2019-present    Dorset Branch Executive/Life Member Representative
2005-Present    South West Regional Executive Committee
2009-2010    South West Regional President
2010-2015    South West Regional Secretary
2014-Present    South West Region & National Conference Coordinator
2015- Present    South West Regional Treasurer


Last Employment Role

1990 - 1995

Head teacher – St John’s CE VA Primary School

Personal statement 

Since joining the Association in 1983, I have taken an active part in its work. I served on the National Deputy Heads’ committee and then, on the Executive Committee of Branches within Surrey, Hampshire and Dorset I kept abreast of current issues affecting members, providing support to colleagues.  Alongside work as a Branch Secretary I also served on both South Central and South West Regional Committees. 

Since taking early retirement as Headteacher at St. John’s Primary School in Gosport and becoming a Life Member in 1995, I have remained active within the NAHT, initially as Branch Secretary in Poole and then South West Regional Secretary. When I stepped down as Regional Secretary I became Regional Treasurer and Conference Co-Ordinator which I am still fulfilling.  I have been involved with the support of Life Members for over twenty years, having been on the original Life Members Working Party set up in 1998. 

I still count it a privilege to continue to serve the needs of Life Members as a member of the National Life Members Committee. We have come a long way since 1998 and will soon be taking on our new status as a Sector Council, as agreed at the AGM last year, which means we have an official representative on the National Executive Council. 

As Vice Chair I will continue to promote the needs and wishes of all Life Members within the Association and actively encourage retiring members to maintain their membership within the Life Members Sector.   

Post retirement roles / employment

  1. Chair of Governors (Merley First School)
  2. Wimborne Academy Trust Trustee
  3. Poole Grammar School- Secretary of Old Grammarians Association
  4. Poole Grammar School- Secretary of Trust Fund Management Committee


Name: Michael Wilson

Role: Communication officer 

NAHT North West Region Life Member Representative

NAHT Wigan Branch Secretary

M: 0778 9920 120

E: michael.wilson@nahtofficials.org.uk

NAHT History:



2015- Present

South West Regional Treasurer


South West Region & National Conference Coordinator


South West Regional Secretary


South West Regional President


 South West Regional Executive Committee


Dorset Branch Executive/Life Member Representative


Poole Branch Treasurer


Poole Branch President


Poole Branch Secretary

2021 - to date 

NAHT LMSC Communication Officer


Last Employment Role

1998 - 2015

Head teacher: Orrell Holgate Primary School, Wigan


Early Retirement


Personal statement

1. It’s good for me
 NAHT Volunteering provides physical and mental rewards.
Experts report that when you focus on someone other than yourself, it interrupts usual tension-producing patterns.
It helps make you healthier: Moods and emotions, like optimism, joy, and control over one's fate, strengthen the immune system.
2. It brings people together
As an NAHT volunteer I can assist in:
Uniting NAHT membership groups to work toward a common goal / campaign
Helping to build camaraderie and teamwork-
3. It’s a chance to give something back to an NAHT cause I believe in
As an NAHT volunteer I can:
Support NAHT members in my local branch
Promote NAHT campaigns with the local media
4. It's a further chance to make a positive difference
As an NAHT volunteer I can focus on:
Helping school leaders
Supporting NAHT growth

Post retirement role(s) / employment

1.    NAHT Wigan Branch Secretary (annual election)
2.    NAHT North West Region Life Member Representative (annual election)
3.    NAHT Life Member Sector Council Communication Officer (annual election)
4.    Judicium Education School Governance & Clerking Professional (2019 to date)

Favourite quote

'Family is where life begins and love never ends'


Name: Eugene Symonds 

Role: Deputy communication officer